Will the 150th Kingston Ag Show be the last? What does the future hold? (amended 18 Oct)

The Kingston Agricultural Society (‘the Society’) committee has again spent time discussing the future of the Society, the Show and showground.  This will not come as a surprise given the call for people to come forward last year to help and the discussion at the General Meeting that followed the AGM in July this year.

The committee feels that the fairest way forward is to call for expressions of interest containing a detailed plan for the future of the Society, Show and/or showground.  At its 5th October meeting the Society’s committee passed a motion that the 150th will be the last agricultural show unless a group comes forward with a well-developed mid-to-long term (eg 5-10 year) plan for the Show’s (and therefore the Society’s) continuance or with a well-developed mid-to-long term plan for the showground to continue to exist as a community resource.  Advertisements are to be placed in various places inviting proposals/plans that will enable the grandstand to be preserved in good order and the grounds used for agricultural and community engagement purposes.  Plans need to be submitted by 10th January 2018 and will be considered by the committee at its January 2018 meeting.

Information that will be useful to interested parties is that:

  • The showground is owned by the Society and includes a Victorian Heritage Listed grandstand.
  • The Society operates under the Model Rules, a copy of which is available on this website (click Ag Society). The purposes of the Society are set out in the Rules (or Constitution), namely, to showcase and facilitate participation in, and enjoyment of, agricultural and rural pursuits, and to foster community engagement.
  • The Society is a member of the Victorian Agricultural Shows Ltd. (VAS) and pays annual affiliation fees to VAS.
  • The showground has been/is used by/for the following:
    • Shows and events conducted by the Society, in particular the annual agricultural show held usually on the first Sunday in December. A Stockman’s Challenge clinic and competition is being conducted on the 4th and 5th November this year.  A horse show was held in January for many years but not since 2015.
    • Community groups who hire the showground for a reasonable fee. These include a pony club (for many years but not currently), adult rider club, cycling club, young farmers and fire brigade championships.  The ground has also been hired for a 21st birthday party.
    • Other events such as the Kingston Rodeo which was held for the first time this year in January and which is due to be held again on 13th January 2018.

If you have any questions please contact the Secretary by email: kas@kingstonshow.org.au.

Expressions of interest with well-developed plans should be forwarded to The Secretary, Kingston Agricultural Society Inc., PO Box 206, Creswick 3363 or emailed to kas@kingstonshow.org.au by close of business on 10th January 2018.

Posted 15 October, amended 18 October (adding in re VAS membership)

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