Becoming a Member

The Kingston Agricultural Society welcomes new members and thanks renewing members for their support.  The purpose of the Society is to showcase and facilitate participation in, and enjoyment of, agricultural and rural pursuits, and to foster community engagement.  Joining the Society enables members to support it in achieving its purpose and to receive updates on ‘goings on’.  Volunteers are covered by the Society’s insurance.

At the 2016 AGM the membership categories were expanded as follows and the same categories were adopted at the 2017 AGM held on 25th July 2017:

(a)  Youth Membership Category A for those 17 years and under (free but with no voting rights)

(b)  Youth Membership Category B for those 18 years and under 25 ($5 membership fee unless evidence is provided that you are a full-time student.  Members have voting rights)

(c)  Senior Membership for those 25 years or older ($15 membership fee & voting rights).

The financial year of the Society is 1st March to end of February but you are welcome to join at any time.  Please contact the Secretary for an application or renewal form at

Only financial members can vote at the AGM which is usually held between April and the end of June.  Only financial members can nominate for the Ag Society’s committee.

For a renewal or new member application form, please email or phone the Ag Society’s phone 0409 114 279 (please leave a message).